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Classical Guitar

One of the most recognizable artists in the world of
classical guitar today, renowned for her expressive
passion, quality of sound, technical virtuosity and
exquisite mastery of the instrument.

A critically acclaimed soloist, Laura has been praised for her performances of profound and daringly virtuosic programs in concert halls around the world Her performances and recordings are acclaimed for expanding

the expressive potential of the classical guitar.

Laura has expanded the expressive potential of the classical guitar by creating a singing, sonorous performance inspired by the cello. This album was recognized with the coveted Pasticcio Award in 2018. The power of this music is founded in the chromatic and tonal wanderings, and are enhanced by explosive dynamic scope and engaging musical material - all of which make for a wonderful journey into solo playing and solo listening.

“Astounding .... her performance was breathtaking...”
- Soundboard Magazine

Laura Young playing guitar

“Explosive virtuosity with profound lyricism and stylistic clarity”
- Gitarre und Laute

The concept of beautiful melancholy is a powerful ingredient in Mediterranean art. The folk songs from Spain, Greece and Turkey featured in this recording reflect this in mixes of love and passion, freedom and struggle, even of defiance and rebellion. By combining folk songs with a variety of arrangements by leading composers, Lagrimosa Beltà has created a repertoire that has uniquely enhanced the classical voice and guitar recital. The arrangements preserve the integral beauty of the songs, while creating a new musical language in which voice and guitar share equal weight in the expressive immediacy of the music. These works were also adapted and composed for Laura and Frances by Helmut Jasbar and Stefan Hakenberg.

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