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Laura Young Plays Max Reger
Label: Gramola
Pasticcio Prize Winner 2018


A unique journey into the music of Max Reger who wrote Suites and Sonatas, Preludes and Fugues for solo violin, viola and cello in homage to Johann Sebastian Bach. These pieces are some of his most personal music and were written at the end of his life.
This award winning CD contains pieces from this repertoire of complex, intense and virtuosic music that in several cases has never been recorded, not even for the instruments for which it was written. The brilliance of this playing has brought the music to the concert stage and expanded the repertoire of the classical guitar.

“Lagrimosa Beltá” - Laura Young

with Mezzo Soprano Frances Pappas
Label: Bridging Arts

The concept of beautiful melancholy is a powerful ingredient in Mediterranean art. The folk songs from Spain, Greece and Turkey featured in this recording reflect this in mixes of love and passion, freedom and struggle, even of defiance and rebellion. By combining folk songs with a variety of arrangements by leading composers, Lagrimosa Beltà has created a repertoire that has uniquely enhanced the classical voice and guitar recital. The arrangements preserve the integral beauty of the songs, while creating a new musical language in which voice and guitar share equal weight in the expressive immediacy of the music. These works were also adapted and composed for Laura and Frances by Helmut Jasbar and Stefan Hakenberg.

“Solo” - Laura Young
Label: Al Segno
20th Century Works by : Carlo Domeniconi, Oliver Hunt, Vaclav Kucera, Hans Werner, Joaquin Turina, Nikita Koshkin

In this recording, Laura was drawn to the music of composers who were inspired by styles, stories or songs of cultural traditions other than their own, for example: Italian composer Carlo Domeniconi writes variations on a Turkish Folk Song, English composer Oliver Hunt finds inspiration in India’s giant mythical bird Garuda, Czeck composer Václav Kučera explores the dramatic narrative in the last five days in the life of Che Guevara and the German composer Hans Werner Henze draws from the 16th century Iberian Ricercare form.

“Juegos Del Viento” - Trio De Cologne

With Zoran Dukic & Pablo Marquez
Label: GHA Recordings
Works by: Bela Bartok, Carlo Domeniconi,

Igor Stravinsky, Dusan Bogdanovic, Eric Satie, Paul Hindemith.


The classical guitar has long been a marvellous instrument for transcription as it has the multi-voiced possibilities of the piano combined with the lyrical expressive singing quality of the bowed string instruments. Laura Young, Zoran Dukic, and Pablo Marquez have selected music by Igor Stravinsky, Bela Bartok and Erik Satie for transcription in this recording and included works written for the trio by Dusan Bogdanovic and Carlo Domeniconi.

“La Belle Excentrique” - Trio De Cologne
Label: Al Segno
Works by: Claude Debussy, Georges Bizet, Eric Satie, Gabriel Fauré


The Trio de Cologne in this, its first recording, plays music which fully explores the classical guitar’s dynamic possibilities, rich variety of tonal textures, colour and intimate nature. Bizet and Satie were selected for their subtlety and power, features which the Trio feels can be particularly well expressed by three guitars.

“Dewa” - In Collaboration

with Zoran Dukic, Enno Voorhorst
Label: Kreuzberg
Music by Stephan Soewandi


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